OSKI solutions

  • We are a small team of developers from Ukraine who's passionate about beautiful and simple web solutions.

  • We apply creative technology to meet human needs and solve complex business challenges.

About us

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Our company

Complex solutions based on Microsoft technology stack

Since the 2006 our developers have been using the Microsoft technology stack to deliver complex solutions to our customers.

We use technology that prove ability to solve our client needs. Alongside of this we always try latest latest available technologies, to test how it can help to be more effective and friendly in modern environment.

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What we do

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C# .NET Development

Applications built within the Microsoft .NET framework using the SOLID design pattern.

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Umbraco CMS Applications

Umbraco combines high flexiblity, ease-of-use and open source into one great package.

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Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps provide you with a unique opportunity to deliver a web experience your users will love...

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Our services

Complex solutions based on Microsoft technology stack

Our team

What make our company great - is our people.

Kyrylo Osadchuk

Our CTO - 15+ years of experience in software development and design.

Have been working as team leader, system architect in variety of complex projects, acquires object-oriented analysis, complex systems design skills and database development experience.

Programming is my passion and I always try to find a simple and elegant solution for complex tasks.

Roman Oleksyuk

Our team lead - 17 years experience in software and database development.

Has an experience to work as team leader, project manager, software and database developer.

Familiar in day to day with .NET/C#, SQL, PowerBuilder and many other tools for various business requirement. Involved both in our software projects management and complex project architecture design.

Roman like projects in software application design and optimization, database development, query optimization, performance turning and database replication setup.

Andrii Polchanov

Project Manager who helps your business grow | PhD

He has management and academic experience in the fields of economics and finance.

Main skills and area of expertise: risk management, business analysis and financial analysis

Likes to solve real business problems using information technology and science.

Maxim Skotskii

Love modern front-end, give a lot of attention to details.

Give responsive style for our front-end solutions.

Full Stack Engineer with 2+ years of experience. He possess understanding of OOP principles and knowledge of patterns. Main skills and area of expertise: - JavaScript, JS framework - VueJS - Knowledge of HTML/CSS + SASS/SCSS - responsive design (Bootstrap, GridLayout) - MySQL, MsSql - Docker, Docker-compose understanding

Complex apps with web frameworks like React or Vue.JS is what he love to implement.

He recommends that one should always be prepared for opportunities prior to getting one.

Viacheslav Petrenko

Our full-stack engineer with 2 years of experience developing back-end and front-end applications.

He has an understanding of OOP principles and knowledge of design and architecture patterns.Main skills and area of expertise:

-ASP.NET Framework, ASP.NET Core, Umbraco CMS, VueJS, knowlege of JS/HTML/CSS/C#

Loves quick and accurate solutions. Picky about details.

Danil Shapovalenko

Full Stack Developer with 2 years of experience in Web development (backend and front-end)

He's highly motivated and skilled person who likes informational technologies since school. He has a good background in programming and software development.

To solve the business problems of our clients he uses .NET Framework 4.7.3, WPF (MVVM pattern), Entity Framework v. 5 (Code First), LINQ, MSSQL, Git / GitHub.

Main skills and area of expertise: HTML/CSS/JS, Angular, ASP.NET Framework, ASP.NET Core, Umbraco CMS

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