Business Portal

Business portal


Group 1

To create a web site for a multinational electronic corporation that will facilitate the sale of products. So, the business portal can be local and international. It should allow company's employees to create pages, fill them with content, manage marketing materials. Users have to be able to order a demo product, sign up for webinars, and much more. The client provided the finished design in InvisionApp and Figma and detailed descriptions of the requirements for each module or component.

The site has been split into several parts: an authentication server, a CMS-backed web portal, a product management website and microservices that serve as a business portal.

Group 2


A business portal was built using .NET stack technologies. An authentication server was built using IdentityServer4, Graphql (Hot Chocolate), EntityFramework, and Hangfire. It supports OIDC and OAuth2.0 protocols. A web portal was built using Umbraco CMS and React.js with TypeScript for frontend, where created multiple components and pages on React.js. Many controls were separated into a single repository for reuse purposes. Also, we extended Umbraco back office with multiple custom sections and property editors for flexible management using AngularJS. Several integrations were made with other services, both for public access and customers. 

Key Features

Group 3

The work was organized using a kanban board where every task was bound to epics. A project manager was involved in coordination between PO, key customers and a team. The CI/CD pipelines were added in Azure for automatic deployments to different environments.


As a result, the client received a tool to encourage cooperation with their clients. It is easy to use for both customer employees and portal users. With a microservice-based architecture, it can be easily scaled. The website is built in the corporate style of the customer and provides a good UX.

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